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The Company’s founders, Rob MacArthur and Eric Meyer have known each other since 1994, as they were both investment analysts by profession. For nearly three decades, Mr. MacArthur and Mr. Meyer were (and for Mr. Meyer, still is) established Wall Street veterans. 

Both share a common love of entrepreneurship, and thus decided to work together again by forming The CBD Curators. The landscape may be different (hemp fields versus skyscrapers), but the passion and drive are the same.  Mr. Meyer has participated in dozens of private placements and has extensive experience growing businesses.  The two intend to roll out the chain and dominate the market in Connecticut.

Mr. MacArthur is a chronic pain sufferer of thirty plus years. Three successive back surgeries failed to relieve his pain. Since 2015, Mr. MacArthur was reliant on opiates for his pain management. In early 2019, he came across a CBD store. He bought CBD and within days, he experienced a drastic, positive change in the quality of his life. For him, CBD is just shy of a miracle that weaned him off opioids.  CBD changed his entire outlook on life.  See our buying guide here

Mr. MacArthur shared this positive change, with Mr. Meyer. Mr. MacArthur’s rebirth profoundly impacted Mr. Meyer.  The two began a serious review of the nascent CBD industry.  As innately curious people, they researched everything they could find about CBD. They came to understand CBD’s immense potential. CBD offers a clear health and wellness alternative to many existing over the counter and prescription drugs. In the health & wellness industry, CBD has become a leader in alternative medical solutions.

The CBD Curators have found that there are over thousands of CBD suppliers in the country.  Most retailers are not spending the time to truly test and vet the products they carry, and that is what sets The CBD Curators apart. We provide knowledge in a space that has increasingly become over saturated with ineffective product, and have spent a year sourcing and vetting the very best US CBD products rejecting dozens of vendors.

As you explore the web site, know that we are attempting our nascent knowledge with you as a labor of love. If the product was not effective on Mr. MacArthur, then it didn't enter our store's library. The CBD Curators carry only the most honest and quality products, so that a customer can focus solely on how CBD might too, change their life. 

The CBD Curators are forever thankful to Mother Nature, the farmers who harvest the hemp at dawn, the chemists, and the leadership who push CBD forward— they all lend a hand in transforming the seeds into the wondrous products on our shelves. You can Hold the Keys to Wellness, just give it a try. 

Rob MacArthur & Eric Meyer

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The CBD Curators
180 Bedford St. 
Stamford, CT  06905