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CBD Buying Guide

If there is one we thing we really hate is the idea of getting ripped off.  We assume you are the same way.  Most CBD companies are honest; however, like anything else it only takes a few bad apples to wreck it for everyone else.  The CBD industry is definitely the Wild West.  At CBD Curators, we want to educate you so you can make decisions that are right for you.  We believe once you are an educated consumer you’ll come to know that we have brought forth the best brands at the best prices. 

Except if you are a first responder or someone who is drug tested for their occupation, you will always want to get full spectrum CBD.  Put simply, full spectrum CBD has .3% of THC or less in them.  We believe THC is a vital ingredient in the proper use of CBD.  Marijuana has 15-30% THC.  That gets you high, but hemp won't.

Isolate is sold as a powder in bulk.  Don’t be fooled by products that contain isolate.  Isolate is cheap and easy to produce, while full spectrum products are not.  It takes a little more tender loving care to produce a high quality full spectrum product.  Like a fine wine, a good full spectrum is someone's work of art.  If full spectrum is Guinness isolate is like buying non-alcoholic beer.  But scam artists charge you full spectrum prices.  Before you buy understand if the product you are buying is full spectrum, isolate, or broad spectrum (full spectrum without the THC). Isolate is CBD with all the cannabinoids and THC, the good stuff taken out. 

Typically, CBD products describe in clear numbers how much CBD is in the container.  For example, tincture bottles are often 1 ounce of product or 30 mL or 30 servings at 1 ml (one dropper) each.  So a bottle that says 1500 mg of CBD will have 30 droppers at 50 milligram per serving. 

Let’s talk about pricing.  Prices for CBD are all over the map and will drive even the most astute student of the industry crazy.  We offer high quality, full spectrum CBD for under $.10 per milligram for most products.  Never pay more than that for CBD product, except for some specialty products like patches and beauty products cost a little more.  Pull out your phone in any CBD store or web site and do the division. So if the bottle says 1000 milligrams of CBD you should never pay over $100 for that product.  If it's isolate it should be cheaper than that.  If it $150 that means you are being overcharged.  

Throughout 2019, while in the process of starting CBD Curators, we have watched prices fall.  And they are going to fall further over time.  Remember the early days of computers that cost upward over $2500?  Over time, those prices fell and computing power went up.  CBD will go the same way over time.  But for now, in 2020, the maximum you should pay for full spectrum CBD is $.10 per milligram.  Many of our products are much less than that.  But there are scam artists out there preying upon your genuine desire to experience CBD.  Most of the food products you see advertised are made from isolate.  It’s hard to manufacture full spectrum food products like gummy’s and chocolates.  Isolate can be refined to a powder; whereas, full spectrum can only be refined to a paste or syrup. 

For more information see my videos on Instagram here.