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CBD Daily Intake Tracker

One of the most frustrating and controversial areas of the CBD industry is when it come to dosing.  Dosing is kind of a self-exploration to find the right dose, or better said, the right combination of dosing and delivery methods.  CBD doesn't have to be taken as a tincture. It can also be taken in soft gels, teas, and edibles. etc.  CBD is nice because it allows the user to modify and modulate how it is ingested.

This is freedom we don't have with pharmaceuticals!

We strongly recommend using a good full spectrum product.  You might find 25 milligrams of tincture in the morning works you.  Others might find taking their daily CBD an hour before bed to help sleep is the way to go.  Someone else might find taking a little tincture in the morning and then a soft gel at night. 

Other days, I might skip the night dose and drink a tea with 70 milligrams in it or a bath bomb with 100 mg in it for $16.  You'll be feeling pretty good after that bath!.  When shopping for CBD always go for the highest milligram at the best price.  That's what you'll find at The CBD Curators. 

We created a weekly calendar so you can write down your usage.  We recommend taking at least 20 milligrams per day to get any benefits. But you can track your CBD intake and look for patters.  Sometimes my pain is higher and I need more.  It's nice to know how many of those I have per week or month.  Over time I can track my improved results.  CBD helps pain, anxiety, and sleep.  Track all three if you have more than one ailment.  CBD wants to help your body find balance.