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Delta-8 THC Philosophy 101 -- The Medical Uses

The CBD Curators was founded on the premise of looking for alternative way to find relief from chronic pain.  That drove a journey to discover the benefits of CBD.  In that quest, I discovered that not only is CBD a great pain reliever but the vilified THC is also a great pain reliever.  And that CBD and some combination of THC is an even better pain reliever.  CBD without THC is ineffective relative to the combination.  I hate CBD isolate.  

Hence, hemp, which contains .3% Delta-9 THC, is a great way to access the benefits of both.  Then I found that if I could increase the amount of THC in the mix that the benefits were even greater.  Delta-9 THC products have a high intoxication effect, an effect, not necessarily wanted by everyone.  Despite stereotyping, people using cannabis for medicinal purposes are NOT trying to get "high."  

Enter Delta-9.  While trying to decipher this puzzle, I obtained my medical marijuana card and found that mixing Delta-9 THC products with full spectrum CBD was the best pain reliever I could find.  People will have to experiment individually to find the right CBD:THC ratio for pain, anxiety, and other ailments.  

Enter Delta-8.  Then I found Delta-8 THC from my vendor, 3 Chi.  At first I was skeptical, but later I found the medical use, when taken per the directions, mixed with my quality full spectrum CBD was a great pain reliever -- without the higher level of THC intoxication that Delta-9 affords.  That the lower level of intoxication granted me the ability to function, with minimal impairment.  

Further, as I tell people, prior finding CBD, I was taking opiates for pain.  There is a similar struggle between pain relief and impairment.  Opiates are far worse because there is an addiction component, that does not exist in CBD.  

Pain relief and pleasure seem to overlap in the brain so there's room for attraction to the intoxicating aspects of the products.  I also think there's a limit to the amount that can actually be absorbed i.e. there are diminishing returns from taking higher amounts.  

Delta-8 is a ground-breaking agent that offers many benefits.  Some level of personal responsibility is required. 

I am not a doctor.  I am just a patient with a desire to not be in pain. I found one.  I hope you find the same relief.

Your CBD Curator.