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Lab Policy

At The CBD Curators, every product sold has been tested by 3rd party laboratories that generate Certificates of Analysis (COA) for: heavy metals, proper THC content, pesticides, and microbials.  All products are compliant with the 2018 Farm Act and have less than .3% Delta-9 THC.  Hemp and CBD producers are required to get 3rd party lab tests.  There are only a dozen labs used most by the in the industry.  We trust some more than others.  Part of our vetting process involves not carrying vendors using labs that may be less than reputable or provide poor data in the COA's.  More transparency and quality of the presentation of the data counts.  We prefer vendors that provide terpenes tests, which are not yet required by the industry.  We push vendors to provide terpenes tests.  

We do not post specific COA's, lab reports, for the following reasons:

  1. Most products have QR codes that allow clients to look up a specific product by its lab report. Most products have batch codes on the bottom or sides of the package. 
  2. It would be impractical to keep the web site up to date as we are constantly bringing in new inventory.  There is an opportunity to mislead customers by accidentally or intentionally showing the COA for one product on a web site but selling another.  That is why buying CBD on the Internet can be hazardous. To maintain the highest level of integrity, we do not want to guarantee that the web site will always be accurate.  Some vendors have small production runs with lots of labs.
  3. We have or can get the latest labs easily often while customers are in the store using QR codes.  Ask us if there is a specific lab you cannot get at yourself.  The vendors are human, too, and have the same problems keeping their sites up to date.   
  4. While it is more cumbersome to work with smaller producers, we feel the quality of CBD products comes from smaller, not larger producers.  
  5. We look for certain patterns in the cannabinoid configuration that improves our chances of bringing consumers, the best products we can find at the best prices.  While most people who look at the labs are looking for THC compliance and to ensure the proper amount of CBD, few are trying to follow the patterns presented by the other major cannabinoids:  CBG, CBN, CBC, THCV.  We think as our knowledge increases, our vetting procedures will improve.  And we don’t care to share that. 
  6. If you are having trouble reading a lab, please ask me.