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My Mission

My name is Rob MacArthur.  In 2018, I wandered into a CBD store knowing very little about it.  Could CBD help my 35 years chronic pain?  This started my quest to understand CBD products and how to use them.  At first, it was annoying that some brands worked, but most didn't.  There are a lot of weak or borderline fake products on the market. There are few dosing guidelines in the industry. 

Soon I learned CBD is not only good for pain, but anxiety, and sleep.  It was then that I believed opening a store would help other people learn about CBD. So I spent a year vetting products, visiting suppliers and farmers.  New brands, new products, and changing prices--It's a lot to learn.  We opened March 1st, 2020.  The CBD Curators store is built around educating the consumer.  

I've done the work of finding great products at great prices for you.  The brands I carry are the tip of the iceberg compared to the dozens of brands I tried.  Did you know CBD dosing goes partially by weight? There are a lot of deceptive brands starting to flood the market.  

I am, perhaps, uniquely qualified to pick brands that works due to the ailments I've struggled with.  I've had several lower back surgeries over 35 years and was on opiates for 3 years before I found CBD. CBD dramatically reduced the pain and reduced my withdrawal symptoms from opiates. No amount of stretching could address the pain from chronic muscle spasm.  I learned CBD has muscle relaxation properties allowing me to exercise.

I also have depression, anxiety, and ADHD.  CBD has improved my depression and improved my focus.  I have PTSD related to childhood trauma.  CBD has improved my sleep by reducing the intensity of recurring dreams.  

CBD has allowed me to stop taking several pharmaceuticals, some for decades.  That is not something anyone in physical or mental pain does lightly.  To escape the healthcare industry has been such a Godsend because using CBD means I don't have to deal with co-pays, refills, egregious insurance, doctor visits, withdrawal, as well as taking copious amounts of Advil, Tylenol, and stool softeners. 

Learning how to find the best CBD products is an art and science. It is in my nature to research everything.  I am continually on the hunt for new products for my customers.  Let me worry about finding the best products while you learn how to use them.  There are over 115 cannabinoids in the hemp plant.  Join us on this journey of discovery.

Pain hurts, but healing should be optional.

Here is a special video for people and professionals in Recovery

Prior to starting The CBD Curators, I spent 25 years in the investment industry.  I provided investigative research to hedge funds.  I am an expert in retail. 

Rob MacArthur

Your Wellness Curator
Founder, The CBD Curators
180 Bedford St.
Stamford, CT  06901