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Our Mission


After discovering CBD in early 2019, I decided I needed to open a store to spread awareness. It so drastically changed my life for the better— reducing years of chronic pain, improving my sleep and mood tremendously. I am incredibly passionate about the wonders of CBD, and intend to make it more readily available to my immediate community (if you're local or passing through- visit us at 180 Bedford Street in Stamford, CT) as well as nationwide through this online store. It is in my nature to research everything.  I quit a 25 year career doing investment research to open the store.

For better or worse, I have many ailments that CBD has helped relieve.  I've had 3 back surgeries and have been in chronic pain for 30 years.  I was on Oxycodone when I found CBD. It helped me get off that.  I have type 2 bipolar disorder, which includes depression, anxiety, and ADD/ADHD.  CBD has allowed me to stop taking several pharmaceuticals related to that.  I have PTSD related to childhood trauma.  CBD has improved my sleep by reducing the intensity of my dreams. I also have 20 years in Recovery.  

After spending a year sourcing and vetting the very best US CBD products (rejecting 90% of the products sampled), our customers never have to question whether our CBD library is safe and effective. The CBD Curators carry only the most honest and quality products, so that a customer can focus solely on how CBD might too, change their life. 

Rob MacArthur

Your Wellness Curator
Co-founder, The CBD Curators
180 Bedford St.
Stamford, CT  06901
For more information see my videos on Instagram here.