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"Rob, I wanted to reach out to thank you. I stopped into your store about a month ago with my friend and her anxious rescue dog. She was curious about CBD dog treats...  I’ve used CBD in the past to some slight effect, but overall, I haven’t been impressed.

You and I spoke that day about my situation and desired effects, and you suggested Vermont pure CBD. I’ve been taking it daily since then. I am continually surprised by its effect! Like, really shocked! I now have physical and mental energy (in a natural feeling way) that pharmaceuticals could never offer me. Thank you for your recommendation." -- Gratefully, Diana


"I had extensive spinal surgery 10 months ago.  If it weren't for the Full Spectrum CBD Capsules and the soothing CBD salve, I wouldn't be functioning at the capacity I am able to.  I'm teaching yoga classes on Zoom and taking 6 hour car rides to visit family.  Anyone who has back challenges knows this would be impossible after 10 months.  Thank you Rob, for your wonderful products.  They make a world of difference."  -- Leslie H 


"The Flora Sophia joint & muscle salve is one of the best products I have ever used on my body. The 600 MG of CBD is very potent and good. Also, the product is a great price. It's way below the industry standards but, better quality! CBD Curators are your high-end CBD friends. They know the product and care. Highly recommend stopping by or ordering from them online!" --- Connor K.

 "I'm a Dog Behavioral Therapist and have been using CBD oils in conjunction with training to help treat anxiety issues in my clients dogs. I've been using CBD Curators' products for about 2 months now with several clients and have seen great results. I also use their human products myself and I find them to be very helpful with human anxiety as well. I highly recommend CBD Curators."

 “I’ve been taking it twice a day since last Friday night and, yes, it’s been helping a lot! The pain is not gone, but it’s definitely better! I’m very happy with the results and I hope that it continues to improve. Thank you so much for giving me those samples!” — Catherine, Torn ACL

 "My experience with CBD oil has been short but astonishing. First a little background. I'm 72 years old with the usual complement of senior ailments, compounded by a tour in Vietnam exposed to Agent Orange. I've been diagnosed by the VA with several service connected disabilities, including heart disease and PTSD. Some of the benefits I've experienced are: 1.) Sciatic nerve pain which would keep me up at night is gone. 2.) Anxiety. I have been taking prescription antidepressants for over 20 years. The CBD has noticeably helped calm me before bed and I now fall asleep faster. 3.) Overall sense of well being and greater ability to stay focused on doing one thing at a time." — Bernard

"Thank you CBD Curators! I recently started taking the 100mg CBD gel caps every morning. I am so amazed at the results! Not only do I feel calmer and less edgy at that 3 o’clock hour, I have felt a significant difference in the issues with my nervous system." — Katie G.

“I went to CBD Curators because of chronic pain in my back. The skin salve and capsules really helped. And I found that I slept better, too, which was an unexpected surprise.” — Pete, herniated disc seeking to avoid surgery

"I have never felt inclined to write a review about any product of any kind in my life. Until now. I have tried just about everything out there to combat the intense overall body pain and migraines that I have been living with for over 30 years.  With a career in football, my body had taken an incredible amount of abuse and injury and years later I was left with pain just about everywhere in my body.  In addition, five years ago, kidney stones caused a massive infection which developed into two life threatening bouts with sepsis.  The post-sepsis pain together with the existing pain was unbearable at times.  I felt like I was thirty years older than I actually am.  I was becoming less and less mobile.   Having tried just about everything – numerous doctors, prescriptions, natural remedies and physical therapy, I was resigned to the fact that I would be in intense pain for the rest of my life.  Over-the-counter medicines were destroying my health because I had to take so many of them just to function. At one point I tried CBD with no results and I wrote it off as yet another failed treatment.  My life changed when I was introduced to the team at CBD Curators.   After going through a brief introduction and history with the staff, I learned that CBD has many forms and varying strengths.  Like anything, there are products that work and products that don’t. Much of the CBD out there is worthless and ineffective. The team at CBD Curators recommended one of their products to try.   Within days my life changed.  My overall pain had subsided dramatically and my migraines were diminished significantly.  They listened to my issues and came up with a plan.   I am happy to say, that after being on their full spectrum CBD soft gels I am nearly pain free.  I can’t tell you what this has meant to me.  I have not felt this good in many, many years. I am so grateful to the knowledgeable team at CBD Curators. I finally have my life back.  I know there’s something out there that actually, honestly, WORKS." — Dewey, body pain & migraines

“Although I have tried CBD before, I did not find consistency with the products.  The CBD Salve has relieved pain in a neck injury and a foot injury and quickly. I have also tried the Healthy Roots Muscle Rub and found incredible relief in aching calves at the end of a long day. A third product I tried, meant for sleep is the Tasty Hemp Oil soft gels (450 mg). I found the bigger factor was the relief for migraine headaches which can be very painful. I highly recommend all these products and I respect the advice I received from Rob MacArthur. Thanks!!!” — Anna K, Migraine sufferer

I tried CBD for the first time about one month ago. I have osteoarthritis, bone on bone in both knees, idiopathic neuropathy which causes numbness, pain and severe balance problems in both feet and lower legs. Chronic pain prevents me from doing many of the things I used to do. After taking two of the CBD gummies, 25 mg each,I was amazed that my pain was drastically reduced. Taking the CBD allows me to participate in family functions and enjoy my life. I don't want to take opioids and OTC medications are not as effective for me. I recently ordered three more packages of the CBD gummies, four to a package for a total cost of $42.00 with shipping. I am not using  CBD every day but I am definitely moving in that direction. The pain relief is just so incredible.” — Christine P. 

"CBD has indeed changed my life! I’ve been a medical marijuana patient for about two years now for generalized anxiety disorder and major depression. Recently, my dispensary ran out of my CBD flower, didn’t know when it was coming back in stock, and didn’t have any alternatives that would benefit me in the way I desperately needed. My marijuana doctor recommended CBD curators and told me the products are excellent, top notch quality—one of the only shops that he trusts to be legitimate. I took his advice and I’m so glad I did! Rob is amazing—such an inspiration and not only extremely knowledgeable about his products (that he vets and sources himself) but also very passionate about his cause. The shop is beautiful; very welcoming and calming. I’m currently using CBD calm and THC delta 8 tinctures and I couldn’t be happier! They work beautifully and are less expensive than other products that are not as potent. If you are curious about the benefits of medical marijuana, you owe it to yourself to stop in this shop!"