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3 Chi 1000 mg CBG tincture

3 Chi 1000 mg CBG tincture


What is CBG Oil?

CBG sounds a lot like CBD, but you should not confuse the two. CBG is also a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant with many structural similarities to CBD, but it is entirely a separate compound.

CBG is considered to be the precursor, or the mother, of all cannabinoids because it is the first form in which cannabinoids like CBD and THC are before it breaks down into these compounds. CBG is not as abundantly found because of its lower concentration in a mature cannabis plant.

The reason for its low concentration is because the plant breaks down the CBG compound as it matures to make the more commonly found THC and CBD compounds. CBG is extracted from the cannabis plant at a stage of its growth where significant amounts can be found and made available for use in CBG oil.

How Does CBG Compare To CBD?

CBD and CBG share a similarity in that both the compounds do not have the psychoactive effect of THC. It means that CBG oil does not make you feel high and cannot be considered an illegal substance. Both compounds interact with the same receptors in the human body to impart their effects. According to a study conducted in 2018, both CBG and CBD have anti-inflammatory properties that can be good for your health.

CBG does have a lot in common with CBD, but it certainly has structural differences with CBD. There has been a lot of research in CBD over the years, but much more research needs to be done for CBG to find more precise differences between the two cannabinoids.

The research on CBG might not be as extensive as the studies done for CBD and THC. However, there are enough studies to suggest that CBG offers several health benefits that you can reap through products like high-quality CBG oil. Here are some of the potential benefits attributed to CBG oil.

It could be used to treat glaucoma

Medical cannabis is effective in treating glaucoma, and CBG may have a major role to play in its effectiveness. A 2008 study suggests that CBG might be effective in treating glaucoma because it reduces intraocular pressure.

It can help fight inflammatory bowel disease

According to a 2013 study conducted on mice, CBG seems to reduce the inflammation caused by inflammatory bowel disease.

It can help fight off bladder dysfunction

2015 study observed the effectiveness of five different cannabinoids on bladder contractions. It found CBG to be the most effective cannabinoid in treating bladder dysfunctions.

It has neuroprotective properties

Another 2015 study conducted that observed the effects of CBG on mice found that the compound has neuroprotective properties. The study found that the mice with Huntington’s Disease showed improvement after regularly administering CBG oil.

It may help kill bacterial infections

2008 study observed that CBG has the potential to kill bacteria responsible for drug-resistant staph infections. These infections are challenging to treat, and the potential use for CBG could be an immense breakthrough for healthcare.