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Massage Oil Candles, 500mg pour it on


Massage Oil Candles, 500mg pour it on


CannaWix CBD Massage candles contain 99.9% pure CBD isolate infused with soy wax and coconut oil. Every candle contains 500mg of CBD. Use the candles for an aromatherapy aspect while filling the room with calmness and relief. 

CannaWix CBD candles can also be used as a topical salve when melted. After burning the candle, blow out the wick and let cool to the desired warmth. The warm melted oil is great for massaging. The essential oils are 100% organic certified and the soy wax and coconut oil are all natural (no additives or fillers).


Sleep aid, reduces mental stress and anxiety, improves blood circulation, respiratory aid, relieves muscle and joint pain, bug bite relief, and alleviates headaches.


Anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, insect repellent, lowers blood pressure, and boost brain function.


Anti-depressant, respiratory relief, carpal tunnel, insect repellent, anxiety reducer, air purifier,