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Grön Relieve Body Balm, 200 mg
Grön Relieve Body Balm, 200 mg
Grön Relieve Body Balm, 200 mg


Grön Relieve Body Balm, 200 mg


Handcrafted blend of cocoa butter, organic grapeseed oil and organic beeswax that enhances the topical absorption of CBD in an effective and lightly scented balm. Relieve is a simple combination of six natural ingredients with the aim of targeting inflammation and soothing discomfort. Cocoa butter and plant oils allow for smooth application while peppermint oil opens the pores to deliver our organic hemp extract deeper into the skin.


Cocoa butter Ω, grapeseed oil Ω, beeswax Ω, essential oil (Peppermint Ω, Rosemary Ω), hemp extract Ω.
Ω organic ingredient.


Grön is proud to source our CBD from Oregon grown, organic hemp. Our products are fully batch tested by a state accredited lab and results are available on all individual product packaging. Full lab reports are available upon request. Looking for test results?