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Fern Valley Hawaiian Haze Hemp
Fern Valley Hawaiian Haze Hemp
Fern Valley Hawaiian Haze Hemp

Fern Valley

Fern Valley Hawaiian Haze Hemp



Hawaiian Haze CBD flower is a Sativa dominant hybrid packed with tropical terpenes. The powerful aromatics of this CBD flower will trigger your senses and have you imagining that perfect island getaway. This CBD flower is loaded with fruity flavors like pineapples and mangos with subtle notes of pine and lavender. Hawaiian Haze CBD flower offers users a pleasurable experience that soothes and relieves quickly.


Sativa Dominant Hybrid


Hawaiian Haze is soothing and provides relief quickly while providing an energy boost.


Recommended for daytime as it tends to give people energy.


Medium size buds with a medium density.


Have we said the words fruit, fresh and Citrus yet? The citrus is so strong it tickles your nose a bit when you smell it. Everything about this strain makes you think about being somewhere tropical with the sun on your face and water at your feet.  The fruity, citrus taste is invigorating and even smelling the flower will give you a nice boost like smelling citrus essential oils.