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Flora Sophia 1200 milligram muscle gel


Flora Sophia 1200 milligram muscle gel


This Pain Salve blends one of our richest smelling full-spectrum oil with the healing potentials of arnica (infused in organic olive oil), organic olive oil and a special formulation of organic essential oils (peppermint, clove, helychrisum, and lavender). Organic beeswax is also used to to attain the perfect consistency- not too soft, not too firm... just right. While highly effective and medicinal, you will not walk around smelling medicated (no overly tiger balmy, ben-gay or wintergreen notes). The best description of the scent is a mint chocolate walking through fields of lavender! Each salve comes in a 1 oz tin and contains between 1200mg CBD as well as a diversity of other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.  This product is heavily concentrated.

Apply liberally across affected areas.   Apply several times per day as needed.