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Foria Intimacy Suppositories
Foria Intimacy Suppositories
Foria Intimacy Suppositories


Foria Intimacy Suppositories


(see our FAQ CBD Suppositories for lubrication, inflammation, and muscle relaxation)

Love penetration? Go deeper with our all-natural CBD suppositories, which deliver 50mg of organic broad-spectrum CBD when used vaginally or rectally. Enhance arousal, ease discomfort with increased vaginal lubrication, and relieve tension.

4 suppositories, 50mg active CBD each

Does CBD belong in your bedroom? The short answer is absolutely – and here's why:

  • Used topically, CBD arousal oil promotes increased blood flow – a vital part of arousal and sexual pleasure.
  • CBD helps relax muscles & ease tension, supporting comfort where it counts.
  • Painful sex is more common than you'd think. CBD has been shown to help manage pain – gently and naturally.