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Nature of Things Restorative Floral Bath, 250mg

Nature of Things

Nature of Things Restorative Floral Bath, 250mg


To step into an restorative floral bath is to leave your cares and woes in another dimension. A heady bouquet of plumeria, jasmine, vetiver and cedarwood intoxicates the senses while velvety emollients like shea butter, kahai and green tea oil envelope the skin, replenishing its natural moisture barrier. The gem-rich formula includes detoxifying malachite extract and hydrating quartz extract — both stones believed to have metaphysical, energy-clearing properties. Additionally,  mineral-charged seawater from a deep marine lake conditions skin and reduces pore size, hops extract works to boost oxytocin (aka. The “feel good” hormone) and capsicum pepper helps ease muscle tension. Inhale deeply to enjoy additional aromatherapeutic benefits.

Intended benefits

Hydrate and nourish skin, prevent inflammation, soothe nervous system, restore and rebalance energy levels.